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Picture Plus

At age 9, my father gave me a Polaroid camera, in Panama, where I am from and I fell in love. I was fascinated by been able to capture an instance of a life forever just like that. From that moment on, I knew that The Camera was to be a part of my life. The camera has captured me.

Like any other child in those days I was told that photography was not a career so I never pursued photography as something more than a way to see the world around me. The ongoing development of my craft was accomplished by working as a printer for professional photographers working in the darkroom printing black and white and color photographs and that is how I put myself through graphic arts school and multimedia.

I have always loved photographing people in their environment. I love looking through the lens and see their mannerism, their expressions, their true selves, their kindness or their gestures … whatever shined through. Now I intend to use all of these skills to photograph business people doing whatever their passion is to help them show it to the world.

In business we need to trust and be trusted sometimes from a distance at the beginning, so when we photograph our passion, our craft, our products and services in our location, we can transmit that energy into the photograph for other person to see and want to do business with us. I look forward to photographing our community and creating images that reflect the inspiration and energy of its members.

Thank you for the opportunity

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